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Restoring a 1908 Martin O-17

III. Removing the peghead veneer

wpe4.jpg (11240 bytes) There was a photo of the peghead earlier in this series - but now we are about to take off the peghead veneer and so I thought it would be instructive to see it again.  It always amazes me to find rinestones set into a fine guitar - but, sadly, it is far more common than you might imagine.  There seems to have been an era when this was the thing to do.   If there had been a C. C. Martin Decal on this peghead, we very likely would not take off the veneer.


wpe5.jpg (18614 bytes)  We take the veneer off by gently heating it with a silicone rubber heating pad ( purchased from LMI) and using a thin spatula when the glue is sufficiently softened.







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