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wpe4.jpg (9752 bytes)   I use a purfling strip (BWBW) under my binding.   Since this means bending the purfling on edge - which it does not want to do without twisting, I have devised a method of prebending the purfling so that it does not twist.  I bend it on my side bender, and "sandwich" it tightly between two pieces of wood.  The side to side pressure of the wood on either side of the purfling keeps it from twisting.  This actually works very well.

 Here is the setup for bending the side purfling.  The two pieces of maple are used to capture and squeeze the purfling so that it will not twist while bending.





wpe4.jpg (13928 bytes)   Here I am bending the side purfling for the cutaway.






bindbody2-56.jpg (46364 bytes)  More of the same.

bindb2-77.jpg (52898 bytes) Wood binding is prebent.  


wpe5.jpg (8313 bytes)    After the side purfling is shaped, I cut the butt end roughly to length.




wpe6.jpg (14518 bytes)      The next step is to miter the side purfling with the purfling which lies on either side of the butt wedge.  (One doesn't have to do this   --  the side purfling could run directly over the butt wedge, but I think the miter looks better - a matter of personal preference).  This is a fairly simple matter of chisel work, but there is a trick which will help greatly.  I polish the back (flat) side of the chisel to a mirror finish (which is good sharpening technique) and cut with that edge towards the purfling - as opposed to the waste which is being carefully removed.  The mirror image of the purfling will clearly show the angle you are cutting, and allows you to carefully adjust the angle at which you hold the chisel.   You can see this illustrated on Frank Ford's site.

   Or here.





wpe8.jpg (7277 bytes)  Here I am checking to see if the angle is correct.





wpe9.jpg (10906 bytes)      After I get the angle right, I tack the joint together with a drop of Hot Stuff.





wpeA.jpg (6470 bytes)   Here I am doing the same thing on a cutaway.  The piece in my fingers is an old planer blade which I use to hold the pieces firmly in place while I apply the Hot Stuff.



For cutaways I often glue in the side purfling before the binding itself so that I don't have to handle so many pieces at once with wet glue.


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