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I use two different bridge shapes for my guitars.  The most common is a "belly bridge",  not unlike those used by many guitar makers.  I put my bridge pins in an arc rather than a straight line.  This is a "remnant" of my years as a repairman.  I have seen many bridges which cracked between the pin holes because they were all on the same grain line.  My design avoids this.  It might be argued that it is more important to have the pins the same distance from the saddle so that the "break angle" of the string as it comes off the back of the saddle is uniform.  I have not noticed that doing this makes a great difference, so I continue in my old ways. 

I also make a pyramid bridge, which is an option on the parlor and concert 12 guitars.  This bridge is designed to be reminiscent of the old pyramid bridges, not an exact duplicate.  It is larger, both in length and width.  This makes it easier to get a proper angled saddle.  


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