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wpe4.jpg (18548 bytes)   Here the back is being glued on.  It only looks like I have used every clamp I own.   In fact, while I have never counted, I suspect that I own 300 or more clamps of one sort or another, and that many wouldn't fit.


Photos are thumbnails - click on photo to see the full size image.


wpe5.jpg (15654 bytes)   Here are the two bodies (with no tops, yet, obviously).  I expect that the tops will go on in the next two weeks or so.  Photos when that happens.





wpe4.jpg (13564 bytes)   Here I am sanding the linings to prepare for gluing on the top.There is a more complete discussion of this in the Building a Guitar section.  (Go HERE)




wpe5.jpg (18684 bytes)    Here the top is being glued on.  This photo looks like the one for gluing the back one - and in fact the process is almost identical.  Nothing new or surprising here. 





wpe6.jpg (7381 bytes)   Here is the body, with top, and the neck blank is getting its first fitting (the two pegheads have to be sized and shaped so as not to interfere with each other.  The top soundhole was added just before gluing on the top.  This was necessary so I could tell exactly where the top fit on the ribs, which was essential to ensure that this soundhole is correctly centered.  It is also more difficult to do since there is no fingerboard to hide the joint where the purfling meet - that joint must be very well cut.

wpe8.jpg (9084 bytes)   Both harp guitars have tops.  The next steps will involve shaping the harp peghead, fitting the neck and binding the body.  Still lots to do, but this is really a milestone in the process.  Assembling the bodies really is the part that had me most anxious and working at the edge.



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